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In a period of heightened political tension due to the political campaign and the deep financial crisis escapism is not a bad idea. Indeed it is a wonderful idea. It is indisputable that the November elections was one of the fiercest contested elections in American history. The political climate was so tense that a little political humour and satire was not a bad idea. To be honest there was much of it.
However, Barely Political's creation of the Brand, Obama girl played by Amber Lee Ettinger was very imaginative entertaining as well as humorous and enjoys wide viewership on YouTube making Amber a star and if Obama was the hero of the elections then she was the heroine of the elections.
The Obama girl song "I got a crush on Obama" has enjoyed more than 12 million views on YouTube. Indeed these videos featuring the Obama girl were not only humorous but implicitly underscores the fact life should not be taken too seriously and one should learn to explore the funny side of life. Indeed that is the implicit message of comedy.
But whether you believe it or not the King himself has noticed the Obama girl. I mean no other than the King of the No Spin Zone Bill O'Reilly. The famous Bill O'Reilly invited Amber to appear on his programme. You don't get further than that. In spite of his combative stance that can turn into a verbal war with the hater of spin "tongue lashing" his guests to come clean if he perceives them of spinning, when it gets tough politicians swallow their pride and fears and submit to Bill in the hope of gaining the political advantage of having passed through his crucible unscathed. It is a gamble worth taking but you never know what to expect. Rosie O'Donnell says of the O'Reilly show on the O'Reilly show that "If you want to lose weight, book yourself on the Bill O'Reilly show. Because for two days I've had diarrhea" . This attest to how the King of No spin is feared and perceived.
Anyway, Amber went on the O'Reilly factor had a nice reception and a nice chat with the King but it is worth noting that Amber was not spinning. The Obama Girl brand lives. It is strongly suggested that it is kept alive and not disappear into oblivion now that the political campaign is over. Well Obama will be in office so why not continue with the Obama Girl.
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