Barrack obama : Is Barrack Obama an Elitist?

Sometime during the Democratic Nomination and most have already forgotten about this, Barrack Obama said something to a group of wealthy supporters in San Francisco, something about the folks in Pennsylvania toting guns and clinging to religion due to bitterness, or something to that affect. Then those who opposed Barack Obama said that statement was elitist and labeled him just that. Others who love Obama hardly understood what the problem with his comments were, and asked;
Exactly What makes Obama an elite? Is it because he was able to make something of himself?"
Well, I guess people said that he was an elitist because he graduated Ivy League, but the way I see it is that he proved America is great, a little success story. What bothers me is that he rants about inequality, and yet, he proved, with his own life that things are doing just fine. So, what is this call for change he is talking about? Another political pundit stated:
Now the second reason I find people calling Obama an elitist is because of the statement he made to some elitists in S.F. about the folks in PA being bitter, holding onto guns and religion. So, I think this is where it is coming from."
Okay, so many folks who have made become somewhat elitists, it's a perfectly logical temptation that one has to fight off, especially when other complain and complain. But Obama let's some followers hold onto the belief that they were duped, tricked, cheated by the "Man" or taken advantage of by the GOP, big business, NAFTA, white men, etc. That's upsetting because; he knows that's not true, he made it fine.
Thus, I see some hypocrisy there, and lots of political posturing and rhetoric, it's a little unnerving to watch, but if you are around politics enough you certainly see this line of lecturing and podium pushing from democrats at all levels from city hall to the white house. So those are some thoughts.Article Source: